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UK Games Day

We had a great public showing of Talisman Prologue at UK Games Day at the Birmingham NEC on Sunday. Here are some photos of the day. Thanks to everybody who made the day such a huge success.

The guys busy getting ready for the big day.

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All set for Games Day

An excited bunch! If you're coming to Games Day, be sure to come and say hello and have a game of Talisman! We'll be in the LG Arena.

White Dwarf Daily

White Dwarf Daily We are in White Dwarf Daily

Please vote for us on Steam Gr...

Please vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

Nomad Games announces virtual ...

Nomad Games announces virtual version of Talisman board game. Retweets appreciated!

Nomad Games announced as Beta ...

Nomad Games announced as Beta partner for Marmalade dev platform -

Talented graphic designer, Eve...

Talented graphic designer, Eve Warren with us this week. Check out her stuff....
June 25, 2012Posted by nomad in Games

The Rise of Digital Board Games

Interesting article...
June 21, 2012Posted by nomad in Games

History of Dice

An interesting link about the history of our favourite method of number generation.
2600BC: Oldest confirmed dice. Pyramidal d4s found in the board game, the Royal Game of Ur from ancient Sumeria.