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A Talisman for SpecialEffect

The new character for the Talisman board is revealed!

Talisman Digital Edition - The Shaman

Talisman Digital Edition - The Shaman Character rules

When friends introduced us to SpecialEffect, and the work they do to support people with disabilities to play digital games we were hugely impressed. As a games maker and publisher, we wanted to lend our support but get everyone involved in the process to help raise awareness of the charity.

The character competition has provided a perfect spring board to raise that awareness, bringing Talisman fans and SpecialEffects together to design the next character.

With over 200 entries from fans across the world and over 1500 votes for the shortlisted 6, the Shaman, by Graham Zaretsky, took a convincing lead with 40% of the votes.

Following the vote in January the character was handed over to three creative guys, who SpecialEffects provide support to. Amandeep, Ben and Gareth all set to work and produced some really inspirational sketches and collages to develop the look and feel for the Shaman.

The Shaman Sketch

The Shaman Sketch

From this composition the Shaman evolved, and she’s now in the process of being digitally transformed so she can roam the Talisman board.
The Shaman Model

The Shaman Model

The Shaman is a mysterious character that is at one with nature, she can use her link with natural forces to draw power from the wildlife throughout the land. The raw power of a Bear, the wisdom of an Owl or the incredible speed of a Cheetah are all at her disposal.

This collaboration between Nomad Games, Talisman fans and SpecialEffect, has produced a fantastic new character that we’re all really proud of. The character card will be available to purchase in May, and Nomad Games know she’ll be a great addition to the Talisman Digital Edition family!

“I’m deeply honored that The Shaman was selected to help raise money for SpecialEffects. I love the artwork and that it is exactly in the spirit of the character that I imagined. I hope that it helps raise a lot of money and awareness for SpecialEffects.” Graham Zaretsky

Graham Zaretsky designer of the Shaman

Graham Zaretsky designer of the Shaman


The three artists. Amandeep Singh Heer, Ben Clark & Gareth Garratt

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