Love Letter Announced

The award-winning Love Letter will be released on Steam and mobile in October 2018.

Love Letter is a card game in which players use a small deck of cards to attempt to pass a love letter to a princess, whilst fending off the other players who are trying to do the same.

 Love Letter

Use deduction to work out who has what and try to be the last player standing in this fantastic card game by designer Seiji Kanai.

For more information, visit our Love Letter page HERE.

The Pathfinder Released for Talisman

The Pathfinder character was released today, for Talisman: Digital Edition.

This new character was designed by Jon New of Talisman Island and is available via the My Collection page in the game.

The Pathfinder's abilities allow him to always find his way, never getting lost on the board. He can use a Fate point to move up to his die roll for movement, which is valuable when trying to land on specific spaces.

 Talisman Pathfinder

Nomad Games Signs 3-Game Deal with Alderac


Nomad Games is pleased to announce that it has acquired digital rights to three leading titles from the renowned Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). The studio has created a team to support the new developments on PC and mobile and plans to bring its growing portfolio of digital board and card games to consoles including the  Nintendo Switchâ„¢ and  PlayStation® 4. At the same time, the studio continues to expand its currently available products, Smash Up (AEG), Talisman: Digital Edition (Games Workshop), and Fighting Fantasy Legends (Livingstone & Jackson).

Look out for more details soon.