Announcing 'Beyond the Veil' for Talisman: Origins!

We’re excited to announce the first piece of paid DLC for Talisman: Origins will take you Beyond the Veil!

The Beyond the Veil DLC will add a whole new book to Talisman: Origins, with 5 exciting chapters to play through. Each chapter chronicles your adventure as you become the fabled Grim Reaper…

If you’ve already played The Reaper expansion from the original version of Talisman, you’ll already have met the Grim Reaper. But in this expansion, you’ll finally be able to play as them!

When you play as the Grim Reaper, it will be up to you to decide who lives and who dies. Continuing Talisman: Origins focus on Death is no longer the end, as this DLC also brings back the ability to traverse the lands of the dead from the Realm of Souls expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition.

With roughly 5-10 hours of new content, this expansion features new challenges and achievements in order to extend your Talisman: Origins experience!

Stay tuned for more information soon…